Saturday, September 05, 2015

All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor

Have I mentioned that I've been leading Truman's book group for the last year? Anyway, this was our first title for this school year. It's a charming story.

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Jones said...

I rediscovered this book about 10 years ago. When I saw the cover and read a synopsis of it, I realized that this was "THEE" book -- the one I had read in second or third grade, that completely enveloped me into the story, that piqued my imagination like no other book, that I had never forgotten and thought of from time to time, but couldn't remember the title or author. I was so happy when I found it and re-read it. It was all that I remembered. I've purchased several copies. For awhile I was trying to get the oldest edition possible and hope it would be the same edition I had read in the late 50s. But, just having found this story/my story, seemed to have satisfied a deep atavistic need. It is a very special book. I hope Truman liked it.

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