Thursday, January 12, 2023

Spare by Prince Harry


I have a lot of opinions about this.

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Jones said...

Ongoing debate in our family about this couple. I personally am pro-Harry and Megan. Yes, they are whiny and out to make money. Yes, they have been treated badly, and unfairly and with prejudice. Yes, the royal family thrives on publicity and staying in the public eye. Yes, Harry has every right to speak his personal truth, declare his vulnerability and strive to protect his wife and children. Sibling rivalry isn't new or earth-shattering. Family drama usually is messy, dirty and afflicts most families. And, I haven't yet read the book although I am 3rd on the waiting list at our public library -- with almost 300 reservations made. The library has ordered 34 copies so why I don't yet have a copy to read, I don't know.

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